Brain & Cognition Group

Charlie (Alix) Thomson

Research Interests

My interests are in combining aspects of cognitive and fundamental neuroscience. I am interested in the cellular mechanisms of non-invasive brain stimulation, and what plastic changes are occurring on the neuronal level following brain stimulation. More specifically, I am interested in the use of TMS as a treatment for depression, and for understanding why some patients respond to brain stimulation treatment while others do not. I am also interested in the genetic aspect of this, and if genetic predispositions can predict responsiveness to brain stimulation treatment.

Brief Bio

In 2014 I completed my bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, Immunology and Neuroscience at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. During my bachelor’s degree I also spent 6 months on exchange in Scotland at the University of Glasgow, where I studied stem cells and molecular immunology. In 2015 I completed my master’s degree in Global Health at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. During my master’s degree, I came to Maastricht University for 6 months on exchange. I moved back to Maastricht in 2015, and after working for 1 year in the Brain Stimulation and Cognition group, I started my PhD in this group. My project is part of a collaboration with FHML in Dr. Bart Rutten’s group, looking at the mechanistic effects of TMS on the cellular level. I am currently supervised by Prof Dr.Alexander Sack, Dr.Teresa Schumann and Dr.Tom de Graaf

Contact Information