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Sanne ten Oever

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My research focuses primarily on investigating how brain oscillation interact with our perception. Specifically, I am interested to reveal how cross-modal temporal cueing can influence brain oscillations and how oscillation properties such as phase can predict behavior. I work on this topic from a fundamental perspective as well as more practically relating it to audiovisual speech. Currently, I am investigating whether low frequency oscillation can be associated with temporal expectation for a wider temporal window and I am trying to implemented transcranial alternating current stimulation to investigate the causal role of oscillations for perception.

Brief Bio

I studied at Maastricht University, where I completed a BSc in Psychology (2009) and MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience (2012). In 2012, I received a Top Talent grant from the Dutch funding agency NWO (supervisor: Alexander Sack) to study the relatedness between content congruency, temporal integration and their relation to brain oscillations. This is what I am currently working on. Additionally, I’m continuing my Master Thesis work that consisted of a psychophysical as well as an MEG project investigating temporal expectations based on rhythmicity and crossmodal cueing.


Internship supervision
Psychology BSc program courses: statistics, programming, body and behavior, perception, and psych diagnostics.
Courses at the Cognitive Neuroscience master: Auditory and higher order Language processing.

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