Brain & Cognition Group

Tahnée Engelen

Tahnée Engelen 5791_ResizedResearch Interests

I work in the field of cognitive and affective neuroscience. My research focuses on conscious and unconscious visual perception of emotional faces and bodies. I want to look into the networks involved in these processes and differences between emotional face and body processing. To investigate this I will use a combination of TMS and fMRI.

Brief Bio

In 2011 I completed my BSc in biological psychology at the university of Maastricht, after which I enrolled in the Research Master program in Cognitive Neuroscience. During my Master’s I did a one-year research internship in Copenhagen at the Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance under the supervision of Axel Thielscher and Alexander Sack. After obtaining my Master’s degree in 2013 I started with my PhD in the Vision Awareness & Cognition group and the Brain and Emotion Laboratory at Maastricht University, under the supervision of Alexander Sack and Beatrice de Gelder.