Brain & Cognition Group

Crossmodal Perception

This research line focuses on two different aspects.  Firstly, we investigate cross-modal associations which underlie and influence multisensory perception. Research includes spatial association such as the mental number line and the SNARC effect, but also synesthesia. Secondly, we investigate the role of oscillations, and specifically the mechanisms of cross-modal phase reset, in enhancing perception at relevant moments in time. Besides investigating the fundamental phase reset mechanisms, we also investigate audio-visual speech. Research methods for these projects include psychophysics, TMS, tDCS, tACS, EEG, and fMRI.

This research line is funded by a grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).


Prof. Dr. Alexander T. Sack
Dr. Sanne ten Oever
MSc. Tahnée Engelen