Brain & Cognition Group

Visual Learning & Memory

The brains’  ability to flexibly adapt to its environment, while storing relevant information in both the short- and long-run are crucial to human day-to-day performance.  In this research line we investigate the mechanisms of visual learning and memory by means of psychophysical studies, noninvasive brain stimulation, and neuroimaging. For example, in our lab we have psychophysically investigated the accuracy (or fidelity) of visual information being remembered in working memory, and the robustness of such information against interference. The lab also uses TMS to identify the contribution of early visual cortex to the different processes that constitute visual memory (e.g., learning, maintenance, consolidation). Lastly, we use fMRI to investigate the role of attentional mechanisms in visual working memory control. This research line is funded by a grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).


Prof. Dr. Alexander T. Sack
MSc. Helen Lückmann